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Why Should I Consider a Salvage / Rebuilt Vehicle?

It's a great way to recycle! When insured vehicles are in an accident, sometimes the cost for the insurance company to repair them is too high so they are written off as a total loss. The owner is paid out a lump sum and the car is sold as salvage. The buyers at Just Wrecks will look for good quality, well maintained cars, trucks, boats, atv's, and seadoos that are easily restorable. The vehicles that are rebuilt at Just Wrecks, must pass a go to be re-registered and then they are offered to the public for sale.

When a car is for sale either privately or as a trade-in on a lot, there is good reason to wonder why it's for sale. The vehicles for sale as a rebuild through Just Wrecks are vehicles that were not for sale, so generally the vehicles were properly maintained right until the accident. The buyers at Just Wrecks know what to look for in a salvage vehicle. Only cars that have evidently been looked after are chosen to be rebuilds. This ensures that the restored vehicle is as good or better than anything you will find for sale elsewhere.

What is a Rebuild?

A rebuilt title is issued to a vehicle that previously was a salvage vehicle and has since been reconstructed. All provinces require an inspection by a Government licensed body shop along with the department of motor vehicles before the vehicle is allowed back on the road. These vehicles can provide inexpensive options for buyers.